Little Explorer’s Academy is an educational venture started and run by IITians with passion for imparting quality education. The school was established in 2010 with the aim to provide good education with focus on nurturing a child’s innate curiosity and help the child to realize his/her full potential. The academy is set up with a mission to prepare young minds as socially conscious and responsible citizens.

Little Explorer’s Academy emphasizes on making learning a constructive, creative and interactive journey by having well designed course curriculum for each age group. The curriculum is a mix of academics with lot of activities which helps in social and emotional development of a child. We believe children learn things better by exploring and experimenting with help from instructors rather than solely through rote learning
Most of the schools today are following the traditional method of teaching which prepares the child for examination oriented environment. In the traditional method, children are provided with ready-made answers and solutions to probable questions and problems. With such an outdated approach, the problem solving skills and creativity of a child are not fully developed. This kind of approach will not be very helpful in developing skills which are needed to compete and excel in globalizing world.

As compared to this traditional approach, LEA as new age educational institution follows the method of continuous learning and evaluation with focus on developing skills and processing system which will help children to realize their full potential in their chosen area of work. We at LEA provide rich stimulating environment for the development of young minds. The child focused curriculum helps in developing the individual strengths and abilities with an emphasis on overall development of young ones.

Today’s children are growing up in an information age which has plethora of information at the click of a button. There is a deluge of information available but we need to help the children learn to hypothise, theorize, predict, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making.

LEA curriculum is innovative in method, practical in approach, erudite in content and global in extent. “Never stop learning” is the mantra for success in today’s ever changing world. The curriculum imbibes in children a culture of being life-long learners. We at LEA strive to make learning a creative, interesting and interactive journey through a learning system which is comprehensive, constructive and effectively designed for different class levels developing specific skills, attitudes and aptitudes of the students to discover, explore and experiment.

Today we are living in a flat world with level playing field; we focus on giving children a strong foundation preparing young minds for a dynamic future.